Unification of Diversification


Unification is the act of becoming a single unit, whilst Diversification is the act of introducing variety. Unification of Diversification, is the attempt to sustain a balance between these two seemingly opposing extremes, searching for unified design solutions through a diverse array of contemporary architectural experiments.

Our recent publication Architecture without Adjectives strongly provokes our manifestation which encompasses a wide spectrum of project natures. Our prerogative is to accept all challenges, but addressing the intrinsic architectural problems with a holistic yet innovative design solution.

BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors is a proud winner of HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Awards 2015 & 2013, Asia Pacific Property Awards (Architectural Category) 2015-2016, 2014-2015 & 2013-2014, Golden Pin Design Award 2014, HKSAR Quality Building Awards 2012 (finalist) & 2010 (merit) and Dubai Cityscape Architectural Awards 2008, accumulating over 130 major International Prestigious Awards from Dubai, USA, UK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Asia Pacific and Hong Kong.

BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd is a Registered Practice / Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Corporate Member of the Association of Architectural Practices, Band 3 Architectural Consultant (HKIA List)(AAP List) of the HKSAR Architectural Services Department, and Institutional Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

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