New Student Life Centre @ HKUST

Major Alteration & Addition Works for Student Life Centre
@ Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Inspired by the Cross-Programming of the Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo, the Student Life Centre is an aggression to amalgamate Art, Cafeteria, Lounge, Bookstore and ancillary Resources Centre together to Re-Create New Synergy for student activities in the Major Entrance of the HKUST Campus.


The Re-Introduction of Angled Facade facing the Entrance Piazza
In order to facilitate a better visual linkage between the Centre & the Entrance Piazza, the Front Facade of the Centre is extended with an angle facing directly towards the Centre Point of the Piazza’s Sculpture so as to capture a strong visual linkage and to orientate the Centre to serve the teachers and students of the University.


The Amalgamation of Art Gallery, Bookstore, Cafeteria and Resources Centre
Inspired by the success of the Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo, the Centre fosters an attempt to amalgamate 5 different components together to Re-Create the Synergy of the 5 Functions. Thus, each unique character of the components such as Art Gallery, Cafeteria, Lounge, Bookstore and Ancillary Resources Centre is interlocking together physically and equipped with special transitional space.

The Boundary-less of Interlocking Functions
Though the different components are equipped with individual iconic entrances, and yet the individual space is interlocking each other without boundaries. Thus, the sequence of space encourages natural flowing of space whilst the end-users could penetrate from one space to another.


The Vertical Linkage
The supporting facilities such as the Seminar Rooms, Multi-Function Rooms and ancillary offices are situated in the first floor of the Centre, the Vertical Linkage of a Featured Staircase allows visitors to access the facilities easily. Another Vertical Linkage can access to Sports Complex easily.