Qian Wan Data Centre@ QianHai

Qian Wan Data Centre@ QianHai


Re-examining the “Safe” + “Fridge” Architectural Typology

The entire manifestation of the architectural experiment is an attempt to re-examine the building typology of the conventional data centre used to conceived as a mega “SAFE” and “FRIDGE”, with the additional program imposed onto the overall planning parameter, the centre has to include a “China Post” office at ground level, Co-Op + Co-Work Spaces and a huge administrative data bank service centre for public access at podium level making the entire mix program an intriguing experiment.


Independent circulation pattern/ accessibility/ flow are keys to separate the public and private spaces, whilst the security issues/ temperature/ structural stability to avoid vibration/ security control are all key elements to be considered structurally, environmentally and aesthetically.


In addition, the proposed “Superimposition” format contradicts the conventional “Juxtaposition” form which gives rise to the external expression of internal zoning for different programs and functions by a clear expression of an external Structural Steel Vertical Truss System and set on an unconventional reflective water pool landscape all aiming for a new typology and a paradigm shift.
Green and environmental elements like Vertical Green Wall and Intensive Ventilation System at roof are all major dedication to a visionary green building design.


Project Data

The entire design manifestation of this project begins with the specific site location which is at the junction of Qian Hai Avenue and Qianwan 3rd Road, facing directly the interaction of the Highway Bridge of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, an iconic corner site expecting an unconventional solution for a High-Tech Data Centre.


The overall strategy is to reinterpret and to redefine the conventional definition of the Data Center, (A mega Safe + Fridge) and to fulfill the Big Data for the long-term development of the Qianhai Special Free Trade Zone in the Greater Bay Area, thus an unconventional, creative and visionary architectural solution is a must.