Museum for Contemporary Living @ Huizhou PRC

Reflection of Contemporary Lifestyle

The design intention of this project is to reveal the ‘Contemporary Lifestyle’ in the well-known ‘Industrial City’ of Huizhou, PRC. The design is conceived as a museum to display visual and physical exhibits within a linear architectural form.

Unconventional Intervening Form

The design deliberately made use of anti-orthogonal shapes to contrast with the conventional rectangular approach as a metaphor to the excitement and exotic contemporary living lifestyle.

Architectural Composition

The Sales Museum is a single storey building, consists of an Exhibition Museum, ancillary office, restaurant and cafeteria.

Contemporary Interlocking of Contemporary Materials

To extend the metaphor of contemporary living to the building materials, the design skillfully interlocks contemporary materials in the façade and the interior of the building, such as fare-faced concrete, external timber planks, I-section steelworks and glass façade.

Materials used at the external façade are juxtaposed into the interior extending the metaphor even further.

‘Lantern’ Effect

The external wall of the Sales Museum is glazed. The skin allowing maximum exposure of the interior lightings explicitly expressed to the outside. Thus the Sales Museum performs as a displaying lantern to reveal her exhibits throughout day and night times. The feature reflective pools with lighting along the peripheral of the building also helps to enhance the reflections of the Lantern effect.