Headquarter of HKCAAVQ @ Siu Sai Wan

Adaptive Reuse Architecture in Hyper Density City -
Transformation of an Abandoned Primary School into The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) @ Siu Sai Wan


In a Hyper Density City like Hong Kong, there are no more lands to build. Therefore the strategy of Re-Cycling the existing abandoned architecture by Re-introducing new functions and elements to Re-Create the Adaptive Re-Use is a MUST, though the topic “Adaptive Reuse” in architecture is a premature but a hot chapter.



Adaptive Reuse Architectural Design is paradoxical, is an attempt to provide a new life to an existing architecture by reintroducing new functions and new elements to transform a "Re-birth" to the architecture in a Hyper-Density City. The project is basically a Transformation of an existing Abandoned School into the Headquarter of 2 Government Offices – An Adaptive Reuse of Architecture in Hyper-Density City like Hong Kong.



The Adaptive Reuse Architectural Design actually is far more complicated than the construction of a new building, which requires intensive considerations on Structural Alterations, Electrical & Mechanical Alterations, Architectural Re-Layouts, New Functions and Internal Circulations, External Finishes and External Signage to give the "Re-birth".

In addition the entire Adaptive Re-use and its alterations in Structure, Electrical & Mechanical, Architectural Dimensions and Ergonomics, New Functions & Circulation, as well as Interior Detailing & Lighting Designs are specifically designed for Functionality & Practicality in Human Body.


Adaptive Re-Use in Architecture is a vague, premature topic in Hyper-Density City like Hong Kong, but is a kind of Sustainability and Adaptability in City Planning, thus is a hot topic of future vision of Architectural Development in populated Asian country.


The intensive alteration includes new functions:-

  • ● Reception
  • ● Conference Rooms
  • ● Lecture Halls/ Multi-Function Rooms;
  • ● Staffs Rooms/ In-charge Rooms
  • ● Green Zone
  • ● Modified Elevator, increase the Entrances & Barrier-Free Access