Zebrano, Boutique Apartment @ Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City

Poetics as the Inspiration to Designing Architecture


In the eyes of an architect poet, Kowloon City is a young forest embodying boundless potentials.


Inspired by this imagery of a robust tree taking root and growing in a lively forest, the first wood inspired architecture at Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City was so designed.
At the same time, it is also a blessing to the future prosperity to Kowloon City


The Element of Wood to signify the Refined
A successful architectural design must embody a strong meaning in metaphor. The special selection of wooden exterior tiles on tower and podium, floor tiles, etc, together orchestrate the rich imagery of a wooden architecture growing stealthily in the lush forest. From the form and the exterior of the architecture, all the way to the interior lobby, a unified design approach has been adopted with the use of wooden elements to exude a holistic atmosphere of the refined.


The Elegance in Strength of Zebrano
The choice of wood has been meticulously chosen to articulate the chic and the imagery of wooden architecture. There could not be a more fitting choice than Zebrano, with its vertical stripes expressing the propelling dynamism of growth and fruiting.

The wood of Zebrano is strong in durability yet elegant in style. The stark contrast of colours in between the stripes and the robust dashing of tree lines are almost an expression of zebras’ robust motion through the woods. Zebrano effuses the character of wood and is exemplary of contemporary stylishness.


Zebrano is the ideal inspiration to an architect’s design process.

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