Home Square @ Shatin

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Home Square @ Shatin is a remodelling of an existing Shopping Mall into a Contemporary Themed Shopping Mall exclusively for Home Products and Accessories.


Before the Remodelling Exercise, the Mall was one of the major shopping arcades situated in the heart of Shatin with direct connection to Mass Transit Train System, was the Phase 4 of the New Town Plaza.


The Design Synopsis


Since the remodeling of the Shopping Mall is given a Strong Theme of Exclusive Mall for Home Products and accessories, the Design Intention therefore aims to Re-introduce the Home Sweet Home elements such as the essence of Timber and intensive warm-toned colours are injected.


In order to create the Warm Timber Ambience onto the Shopping Mall, a considerable amount of conventional architectural elements in Shopping Mall have to be Re-interpreted and Re-invented such as the traditional Cool & White building materials widely used in Conventional Malls.


Re-interpretation and Re-invention include the Spandrel Glass in Timber Pattern, the Recon-Stones on Mall Floorings, the External Elevation Design as well as a number of Transitional Space in Timber Panels. Overall Ceiling System in Timber Features, Lifts’ Details and overall Restrooms designs.

The Remodelling includes major changes on the overall planning of the Mall, New Structural Void for the Central Atrium as well as a newly introduced Express Escalator passing through the new 2-storeys void dramatically into the anchor tenant IKEA.


The Professional Team


The Remodelling project takes more than 4 years of planning, design and construction and relies heavily on the Professional Team listed below:


Overall Designer      : BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd
Authorised Person   : Sun Hung Kai Architects & Engineers Ltd
                               Chau Ku & Leung Architects & Engineers Ltd
Structural Engineer  : Ho & Lam Consulting Engineers Ltd
Lighting Consultant  : Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.
Gaphic Consultant   : Beta Design Ltd
Main Contractor      : Sanfield Engineering Construction Ltd

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