Barrie Ho Architecture Interiors Ltd

Boutique-Style Gallery Spine
Instead of conventional reception lobby, the prologue of the office is a Boutique Style Gallery which is reserved for multi-functions such as exhibitions and cocktail events.The Gallery is also equipped with multi-lighting levels catered for different events, and audio-visual equipment is installed.
The inclined Black-Textural Tile Wall intensifies the strong-sense perspective towards a reception counter, where Asian style settings are placed as a waiting area.


Directors’ Chamber
Ignoring the conventional programming and typology of Directors’ Rooms, a Hall of Fame is designated as the Second Spine for highlighting the projects for visitors.
The Directors’ Rooms are thus conceived as “Glass Boxes” along the Hall of Fame and are elevated for accessible storage.
In between the two elevated “Glass Boxes”, a VIP lounge performs as an accented space for visitors.


Boutique-Style Conference Room
Neglecting the traditional Conference Room details, a Dark-Walnut Conference Room with inlay dark mirrors are equipped with “Ulti-Lighting Systems” for different meeting modes.


Centre Pond and Open Bar
Designers’ working area is circled off in an unconventional elevated ring. Raised platform and overhead shelves offer storage without occupying additional space, thus allows maximized working area for designers. Choice of white is used for the open bar to signify a break from the rest of the working place which is in black and beige.

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