Zen House @ Mission Hills

The Space of Zen
The nature power is intriguing but it is not untouchable. Human, Heaven, Earth, Geography and Nature are all connected.


The Space of Zen is to combine the interior and exterior into one body, and fulfilling the meaningless boundaries, which formed ‘Free-Association’. In the other word, to make the external scenery and interior space together, bring them into the house in order to make it to the best level of ‘righteousness’ and ‘perfection’.


The architectural hardware such as ‘the door’, ‘window’ and ‘balcony’ become a picture flame, responses to ‘directions’, formed different subjects and beautiful landscape painting.


The Garden of Zen
Zen is a power of Nature and it exists in the universe. The Garden of Zen is just like the nature and the universe; it is in regular pattern, spirituous and amour.The Zen garden is to gather the atmosphere, circle of life, ecology and wisdom powers together. It makes people feel like reborn and entered a spiritual boundary.

To integrate architecture with environment in a densely populated city like Hong Kong is obviously difficult.


The site environment itself is the major inspiration, the scheme aims to re-explore the relationship between “Public” and "Private", “Solid” and “Void”, “Openness” and “Enclosure”, “Light” and “Shadow” in terms of interaction, re-expressed Zen.


The interiors adopted the expression of “Void” and “Private” to allow maximum views to be penetrated into the interiors. By using ‘Solid’ and ‘Public’ elements to express the relevant functions.

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