Clubhouse for Scenic Horizon @ Shau Kei Wan

Openness vs Solid Space
The central of the Clubhouse is circled off with non-load bearing glass. Though marked within an interior space by the glass structure, gym-goers can also catch a sense of the peripheral exterior through its transparency. Bringing the classic Chinese architectural form of “borrowing the view” into a contemporary setting, lightness and freshness are brought to the interior of the gym room. Non-artificial lighting can be relied on during the daytime.


Literal Transparency vs Distanced Objects
The Transparent Glazing enhances the Views and the City Objects. The Pavilion and the surrounding greenery allow great flexibilities for different events and functions. Thus the Distant Objects / Views become part of the Interiors.


Green Oasis vs Artificial Views
The soft green surrounding and the hard glass house constitute interesting contrasting elements in addition to the comparison arisen from the artificial interiors and the natural exteriors.


Boundlessness and Enclosure
Transparent Glazing dissolves the hard edges / physical boundary between building and landscape, thus the Enclosure becomes boundless and melts with the exterior.


Pavilion vs Solid Volume
The Pavilion and Open Air Kitchen allows maximum activities and break down the solid volume / mass of interior into decent scales.