Urban Retreat for Palm Island Golf Resort @ Huizhou, PRC

Urban Retreat for Palm Island Golf Resort Hotel @ Huizhou PRC


The design concept for this hotel interior has also used the adaptive design approach of the “Hip Retreat” Style derived by the company. “Hip Retreat” is a re-interpretation of the “Resort Style” combined with the contemporary “Hip Style”. It also recaptures the spatial sprit of tropical resort so as to function as a “Branding” to create a modern Asian lifestyle experience.


Since the “Hip” style begins in Europe and “Resorts” are from South East Asia, we now re-introduce “Hip-Resort” into Modern China. The end users will not need to go to Europe or South East Asia to enjoy the experience of these 2 lifestyles combined. It also imposes a natural and ecological environment with carefully designed landscaping. This is to create a relaxing environment as a holiday resort for city getaways.


From the developer’s point of view, this approach of “Hip Retreat” is a winning formula in today’s competitve property market. In order to increase the volume of sales, the approach of selling requires a lot of marketing, packaging and branding. “Hip Retreat” is therefore using an architectural language to create a unique spatial experience to attract both buyers and investors.


All 50 guest suites in this hotel development in a 5-year pre-payment plan were sold out in one week. Obviously, the impact of “Hip-retreat” is very significant and has become a model within the industry. It is a win-win situation where the designer and property developer have a significat financial gain, and end users benefit a better quality of life.