Contemporary Food Agora @ HKUST (Part 1)

Contemporary Food Agora @ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


● The Site
The site is a new extension of the existing Canteen which had decades of history. Occupying a strategic location, the site enjoys good sea breeze and views from the seashore in the front and architecturally beautifully equipped with tall curtain wall and grass lawn in the front.


In addition, the new extension is originally linked up by various circulation patterns, one of them is the major artery and central axiality of the campus.


The geographical location of UST at remote Sai Kung area makes Students and Teachers stay around the campus for food from breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, therefore the new extension enjoys a total GFA of 30,000 sq ft, with ceiling height of 3.6 meters, which is strategically a highlighted location for drinks, food, gatherings, relaxation and leisure. The new extension allows the Outlets to serve maximum 1500+ eaters at peak hours, and to be recovered quickly for next peak hours.


● The Design Concept
As the site receives direct vast circulation flow from one major direction and flood into the new extension, therefore the venue for drinks, food, sharing of ideas, leisure and relaxation is conceived as a "Contemporary Agora".


The food concept of the Catering Facilities combines the Western and Eastern food for a wide range of cuisine has brought about the manifestation of Re-introducing the "Elements of Food & Utensil":

● The Cheese Zone
The "Elliptical Shapes" depicted from the Cheese are deliberately displayed at the entrances receiving direct circulation flow from everywhere of the campus, the elliptical shapes thus perform as lighting fittings, indirect lights and ceiling shapes to intensify the contrast of shapes, forms, and colours.


● The Chopstick Zone
The Chopstick Zone is a very unique zone to attract and cater for group seatings, the “Chopstick Tubes" define the zone from the ceiling and the unique quiet booth seating essentially attract teachers & students to penetrate further inside of the Agora so as not to jam around the entrances.


● The Chinese Rice Bowl Zone
The Chinese Rice Bowl Zone is situated further apart from the entrances, and the unique pattern of "Rice" scattered around the ceiling and floor in an orderly chaotic manner. This zone is purposely serves as an Enclosed Dinner Area for private functions.


● The Food Outlet Canal
As the Catering Facility Management has brought about a wide variety of cuisines, therefore at least 4 major Food Concept & Outlets, and a Bakery are required to be skillfully planned.


The manifestation of the Outlets therefore conceived as a “Canal" next to the Agora, whilst the Canal equally locates the 4 Outlets and Bakery in a wavy corridor but leaving sufficient space for circulation.