Youth S.P.O.T. for HKFYG @ Hang Fa Chuen

The Lime - HKFYG Youth S.P.O.T. @ Hang Fa Chuen is a new generation youth space. Utilising various "green" features it aims at nurturing in teenagers a keen green sense and have a flair of sustainable living.


Educating new generations means more than didactic lecturing. With sustainable living being such a vital concept in urban existence, it is important to direct the young ones to think in the same way.


Coined "The Lime", the Centre uses various greens as the core design feature. Utilising the fact than teenagers and young ones respond better to bold colours, a lot of strong colours of green are used to instill in the youthful users this idea of green living.


Apart from green mural painting, a vertical foliage planting feature wall also makes a striking presence in the entire space. Completing the enclosure, theceiling was also planted in green leaves motifs.