Conference Lodge @ HKUST

Conference Lodge @ Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


>The Site
The site is situated beautifully at the far end of the Main Campus of the University, facing the seashore without any visual obstruction.


The site is a 1,680sq.m linear site with North-South Orientation, planning with 8 storey of total GFA 6,950 sq.m.


The Design Synopsis
The linear site originally fosters a linear narrow architectural block with a juxtaposition gesture. However, the 180 degree sea view fosters a stronger Superimposition setting by opening up the architectural massing to create a central void for both airiness and openness as well as creating a strong visual linkage around the interior of the Lodge.


The architectural superimposition is conceived as a Herbal Chest, whilst the Guest Rooms are conceived as Vertical Cubes randomly displayed around the major elevation facing north.