Crit Room for Italian Cuisine

Crit Room for Italian Cuisine


Critique forms an essential part for the creative industries’ studies, whilst Crit Room is a space for students, professors, visitors and amateurs to gather together for sharing knowledge, expertise and vision. In general, no one could be a graduate of a subject of creative industries without critiques in a Crit Room. Thus, Crit Room is a space and a place for opinions, ideas and knowledge for creative industries whilst Crit Room is an attitude for art, wine and food.


The name Crit Room comes from the word “Critique”, it means a detail analysis and assessment of a subject or a topic, especially a literal, philosophical, or political theory.


Situated at a corner site of Tai Ping Shan Street, a parallel street above Hollywood Road, is conceived as a popular “Pop-Culture" area for young entrepreneurs, creative industry practitioners and restaurant owners, Crit Room is an Italian Restaurant for Contemporary Cuisine with arts and creativities, founded and created by an entrepreneur who pursues spaces for the future, with a new attitude for contemporary taste and quality of food. Passionate, innovative and talented chef will station in Crit Room for revealing the professional culinary skills and exhibiting the exploration of Contemporary Italian Cuisine.


The site is a typical post Second World War building – Tenement Shop House, with upper part as residence and ground level as shop with a loft.


The manifestation of the design attempt is to re-introduce contemporary elements to revitalize both interior and exterior, “Charcoal” Grey thus is widely engaged as a major element to foster a “Contemporary Chic” to the restaurant despite of the conventional approach of the conception of classical Italian elements found in most tourists’ spots.


Crit Room also promotes a crossover platform for young & up and coming chefs and artists to build up their philosophies and theories for new Contemporary Italian Food.