Ming Casa @ Huizhou, PRC

Re-interpreting Oriental Ming Habitat
The entire scheme aims to re-interpret the new definition of Ming-Style Living in modern era.
Ignoring the fact that the minimalistic approach to most architectural interiors in residential design, the scheme aims to escape from conventional minimalistic style by re-introducing elemental Oriental Ornament but Sophisticated Decorations into the living environment.


Living and Dining Room
The Casa begins with the cosy Living and Dining Room where New Ming Furniture are widely applied to the spaces creating a new taste of modern – reinterpretation.


Study Room
The Casa connects the living room to an unique Study Room thru a sliding partition where a contemporary Ming-Style setting engaged the major ambience.


Sauna and Bath Suite
The Casa dedicates unique spatial qualities for Sauna Area juxtapositioned to the Bath Area and the Shower Space.


Tea Room
The Casa creates a “Pocket Space” as Tea Room with Tatami sitting format so as to re-capture the wisdom and culture of Tea spirit in a modern context.


Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom Suite combines modern living style with Shower Tube and Walk-in Closet. The Reddish Color imposed in the suite somehow project an Oriental ambience for relaxation and meditation.