Mondokoro House @ Chongqing, PRC

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“Mondokoro” - an emblem in the Japanese tradition to represent a family. Once popular among the aristocrats, it is a crest that expresses pride and glorifies the dignity of the family.


The captioned showhouse is located in Chongqing, a mountainous city in China that received strong ancient Japanese cultural influence from the imperial period to the 1950s. To exemplify a sense of prestige and create a strong visual identity for the occupants in the showhouse, a house Mondokoro is designed and utilised around the house.


The Entrance Statement


At the foyer, the entrance statement is first clearly announced in the explicit Mondokoro Pattern floor inlay. The significance of the Dark Granite inlay is further highlighted by the well defined "Ellipse" Form of the foyer. The result is an orchestrated welcoming ambience of the traditional and the contemporary.


The Shrine of Mondokoro


A purpose built basement without windows is intentionally planned as the "Shrine for Mondokoro" where the basic module of the Mondokoro is deliberately elaborated and reassembled into different forms like the "Stained Glass" in a Gothic Church. The emblem has also been skillfully regenerated into through Yellowish Gold Mosaic tile pattern on the fin this chamber with no windows.


Thus, the Ceiling Pattern has re-interpreted the Traditional Mondokoro into a Contemporary "Chic".

The Mondokoro Dining Room


The Dining Room is well defined in circular form embracing the round dining table at the centre. The use of Mondokoro patterns consistently extends to this hall of communal gathering, where the room corners are adorned the signifying emblem. The Chandelier and the Ghost Chairs by Philippe Starck suggest a strong sense of "Fun-Loving Contemporary Style"


The Study Room


The Study Room has re-interpreted the traditional Japanese Study Room skillfully in contemporary style, while the traditional "Shoji" pattern is de-constructed and reborn into a broken. Furniture from "Zen" Collections are used to complete the set.


"Yellowish Gold" is a colour suggesting an Imperial quality. It has been purposely executed throughout the House from the Entrance all the way up to the Master Bedroom, as an important element that runs in parallel with the Mondokoro pattern.


The Supreme Mondokoro Master Bedroom


The Master Bedroom is the core room of supremacy in the whole Mondokoro House.


Entrance to the Master Bedroom is marked by a foyer in "Ellipse" Form, with its significance conveyed once again by the Mondokoro inlay.

As the climax of the Mondokoro Journey, massive "Yellowish-Gold" mosaic is designed to create the sense of supremacy while the major Screen Curved Wall defining the space is a regeneration of traditional "Zen" screens.