GET @ Shenzhen, PRC

A Laboratory for Italian Sanitary Fittings & Tiling Accessories


A re-interpretation of the ‘Showroom’ into a ‘laboratory’ where objects and events are intervening for transaction.


Imported Italian Sanitary Fittings and Ceramic Tiles are conceived as “Objects” in different dimensions and space, whilst different objects are displayed in different dimensions for transaction events.


The “Objects” and “Events” are therefore re-introduced into the laboratory.


The entire Showroom is conceived as a “Laboratory” which projects a “Clean Line” environment with Lightings highlighting different objects in different dimensions.


The ‘Laboratory‘ is a 300 sq. m. longitudinal space in Shenzhen with structural shear walls on both sides. The imported Italian tiles and toilet bowls are arranged purposely along both side walls with concealed lighting leaving the central space as a surgery laboratory for small sanitary items such as taps and shower fittings.


A “Linear Bench Top” is designed as an “Operating Theatre” to display different taps with spotlights directly above it. On the contrary, a vertical column is conceived as a vertical “Surgical Tools Stand” to display taps & fittings vertically. Additional timber columns are designed to display Shower Fittings vertically.


The highlight of the ‘laboratory’ is at the far end with two groups of “Settings” demonstrating the exaggerated shower cubicles with mosaic tiles as surface treatment in exaggerated shapes intensified by concealed lighting.