Incubation Architecture Exhibition @ RIBA London 2017

BARRIE HO Architecture Exhibition- Break Through the Walls- Incubation Architecture


The architectural topic of Incubation Architecture itself is still a vague, immature and even paradoxical topic. However, it is worth exploring in the recent architectural scene in Mainland China.


The definition of Incubation Architecture begins with a Re-Definition and Re-Introduction of "Space and Place" with comprehensive supporting facilities and landscapes for the younger generations to explore their creativity and innovative ideas on setting up new businesses. The rapid development in Mainland China creates an “Experimental Field” for Architects to explore the new topic in Architecture – “Incubation Architecture”.


● The exhibition showcases both built and ongoing projects:


● Qian Hai Creative Youth Entrepreneurship Dream Factory (The Dream Factory)


● ChongQing Beijing Institute & Collaborative Innovation + Plug & Play Inno-Accelerator cum
 Academy for Xiantao Big Data Valley (BDV)


● Integrated E-Sports Stadium + Incubation + Anchors’ Training Centre + E-Sports Expo + Hotel


● Yan Oi Tong Community Services Complex