Qianhai Arch Week@ Qianhai

Qianhai Urban Planning Architecture Week


The Qianhai Urban Planning Architecture Week in Qian Hai, Shenzhen, PRC during 23rd-27th June 2014 is organized by Authority of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen.


Curatorial theme Irregular "dream"


The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the architectural design philosophy of the Qianhai Youth Entrepreneur Hub (E-hub) in an abstract form of expression. Visitors can learn and experience a full range of E-hub concept and spirit through this exhibition.


1. Irregular shape and space of the venue
The E-hub is designed to motivating youth to dream, plan and achieve their goals. The architectural planning principles are “revolutionary, contemporary, irrational, and irregular”. Visitor can experience the innovative design concept in an irregular exhibition space.


2. Black, White & Grey
The state-of-art master planning with simple touch of “BLACK, WHITE & GREY” to express the idea of a purely white painting board, which leaves spaces for young entrepreneurs to create their own masterpiece with different colors. The idea of living a life filled with passion and purpose, provide young people the venue to turn their dreams into reality.


3. Abstract form of presentation
Multimedia like screen projector, plus sound and lighting are applied to present the themes – “Qianhai”, “Youth”, “Entrepreneurship” and “E-hub dream” in a relax and innovative way, together with irregular exhibition space, to express the concept of infinite imagination and creativity.