TID Gold Award Exhibition@ Taipei

TID Gold Awards Exhibition @ Taipei


TID Award Gold Awards Exhibition is organized by Chinese Society of Interior. The Exhibition stations in Taipei, Taiwan during 26th April 2014 – 4th May 2014.


The Cube – designed by BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd, Hong Kong is awarded the Gold Awards.


The Dilemmas/ Paradoxes of Modernity in Asian Cosmopolitan


The dilemma with Asian Architects & Architecture is the “Re-definition” and “Re-evaluation” of their deeply rooted culture with its coexistence of the Western modernity defined in the last century. The vast invasion of Western “modenity” flooded into part of an unprecedented daily experience – including architecture in the cities. Until today, the search for modernity in architecture in relation to Asian culture is still a vague and premature topic. The relation between universal aspiration and local culture and their paradoxes have preoccupied thinkers in the region down to the present.


The “Humane Horizontality” in Architecture
In recent decades, cosmopolitan features and influences such as iconic skyscrapers and high-rise mega-structures were celebrated, but in general without the spirit of affection and humanity that marked globalization. In light of this, redefining “Horizontality” within Hyper Density cities is a worthwhile topic to be explored and re-examined.

Rhizome Structure as Viable Alternative
The development of Rhizome Architecture could be an alternative to uncover complex structures within a hyper density urban area. Discovering and regenerating the leftover space beneath flyovers and bridges and in between buffer zones beautifies the area is an urban connector for the urban fabric. The Rhizome Structure connecting the horizontal linear movement in relation with the disappearing streetscape activities, is a worthwhile topic to be explored as the iconic high-rise tower suggesting hyper-vertical connection dismantling the basic urban grids on the streets when elevated walkways are linking up cities in the air.


The Philosophy behind The Cube
The Cube is designed to serve as a relaxing pavilion representing the union and harmony between human being and architecture. The Cube is also designed as a 2.5m x 2.5m cube, to re-define a Primiative Hut by contemporary material. The Contemporary Primitive Hut is punctuated with 9 square perforations that are both decorative to its design and functional to display architectural visual presentation in the benches.


In summary, the skins of The Cube reveal MAXFINE’s unique qualities in several ways:
● Durable
● Thinbr
● High Density
● Flexible Profiling
● Easy Hole Punching
● Polished Edge
● Easily Jointed with Silicon Adhesive
● Convenient Installation
● Easy Transport

The LED lighting on the other hand accentuates the contours of the polished edges and gives definition to The Cube at night, creating even stronger and more appealing lighting impact.