Joy Sin

Personal Assistant to Founder and Director

Networking international events and bridging for new paradigm shifts for entrepreneurs between Hong Kong and Sydney are the key mission of Joy Sin....

Gained with much international vision and working experience, Joy Sin spent 14 years in United Kingdom at her early life has gingerly equipped with extraordinary artistic and design skills, is a solid asset to the office.

Joy’s earlier career in hospitality with airline industry has well shaped her versatile personality around the world for different cultures, particularly in Australia, United States of America and United Kingdom; needless to mention Joy has heavily loaded with unfailing communication skills. In addition, Joy’s outgoing personality to networking has been well revealed by her sportive hobbies like swimming, hiking and yoga exercises.

Joy is currently the Personal Assistant to Founder and Director Mr. Barrie Ho, mastermind of BARRIE HO Architecture and CRIT ROOM for contemporary Italian cuisine as well as developing, bridging and branding the Sydney Branches with creative “Community Gallery” concept.